About Us

Light My Bricks is an Australian company which produce custom LED lighting kits and lighting products for LEGO® models. Our aim is to be the front runner in producing lighting kits for all the latest LEGO® sets. 

We can provide you with tiny individual LED lights, expansion boards, and cables which can be used for a variety of applications. Our quality lights and cables are small enough to fit underneath and in between LEGO® bricks. Browse our product range where you will find custom LED lighting kits for all your favourite LEGO® sets including a range of Modular Buildings, Cars, Spaceships, Trains, LEGO® Ideas, and many more. We also ship worldwide!

If you have a particular Lego kit in mind which we do not have a custom kit for, or if you simply prefer to light up a Lego kit your own way, our DIY Options page has you covered. We give you the ability to choose your own parts to create your own custom light kit.

Our lighting kits are made up of range of different LED lights, circuit boards, and connecting cables. This section is to provide you with detailed information on the lights and accessories we use.



Strip lights contain 2 individual LEDs and have a self-adhesive backing which can be used to stick directly on to LEGO® 1:6 plates for easy mounting.
LED Strip LightStrip Light can stick onto Lego piecesLED Strip Lights are warm white coloured


These are our tiny LED lights which fit into lego pieces as small as a 1x1 plate as well as in between Lego studs. These come in various colours (white, blue, red, green, orange) and some with a built in "flash" effect.


We use different types of expansion boards including 6-Port, 8-Port and 12-Port Expansion Boards.


3xAA battery pack and two different type of coin cell battery packs which take 2x CR2032 batteries, flat and round.
3xAA Battery Pack


USB power cables allow you to power your light kit using a USB power bank.




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