European Stockists

Below are European Light My Bricks stockists.

If you are a company and are interested in stocking Light My Bricks products, feel free to contact us, as we're always interested in expanding our audience to new regions.


Stockist - Illuminate Your Bricks

Illuminate Your Bricks (Online Only)

If you are based in Germany, Austria, Denmark and other German-speaking countries, you can now purchase locally from our German Partner, Illuminate Your Bricks.





Electronic Shop SARL

Electronic Shop SARL is a LEGO and electronics sore based in Niederanven Luxembourg. A wide range of Light My Bricks kits and components can be purchased in store on online. 

Electronic Shop 141, route de Trèves L-6940 Niederanven LUXEMBOURG
Ph: +352 26 94 64 1




EduBricks are based in Netherlands and stock an extensive range of both light kits and DIY components. They also sell great LEGO MOC designs and brick sets for emergency vehicles and minifigures.

Oringerbrink 140 | 7812 JX EMMEN | The Netherlands | (+31) 06 53 75 84 65 |


United Kingdom

Elegant Bricks (Online Only)

Elegant Bricks are based in West London, and carry most of our online catalogue. Being based in the UK, they are a convenient and economical option for those within the nearby region.






LEbrickGO is a LEGO museum and toy store based in Binnigen Switzerland which carry a wide range of Light My Bricks products. They also have a great display of LEGO models and lights.

LEbrickGO Museum GmbH
Oberwilerstrasse 20
4102 Binningen
Ph: 061 501 10 00