Light My Bricks Minifigure Display Case - Small

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Video Demonstration of the LEGO Minifigure Display Case


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The Light My Bricks LEGO Minifigure Display Case is the perfect way to display, protect and admire your LEGO minifigure collection.

Whether your LEGO minifigures are rare, eye-catching or hold sentimental value, we've built a display case frame that is worthy of your collection and will make your figures shine - literally!

The Light My Bricks Minifigure Display Case (small) comes with integrated RBG LED lighting, so you can admire your collection even in the dark! The frame can comfortably pose 40+ standard LEGO minifigures across the 2-tiers

NOTE: Minifigures shown in product images are NOT included

Our display case is also available in a larger version (4-tiers).

Choose colours and effects

Our minifigure display case has an integrated RGB LED lighting system that will allow you to admire your minifigs, day or night! With our accompanying remote control, you can control your display frame, including the choice of 20 LED colours and 6 lighting effects.

Quality build

Our display frames are sturdy and built using real wood. A polished woodgrain textured finish makes for a premium and modern design that is suitable for any room.

Light My Bricks compatible

Best of all, our Minifigure Display Frame is fully compatible with the Light My Bricks lighting system. This means you can use your existing Light My Bricks components, such as the Star Wars Lightsabers to bring your LEGO minifigure collection to life!

Display larger LEGO figures

We have provided ample vertical space in our minifigure display frame. This means you can house larger LEGO figures, making our frame the perfect way to display characters like The Incredible Hulk, Thanos or a wampa!

Product Features

  • Internal light strips with 30 RGB LEDs
  • Holds 40+ standard-sized LEGO minifigures
  • LEGO-compatible studs to secure minifigures
  • RGB LEDs can cycle through 20 different colours  
  • Choose from 6 different lighting effects
  • Includes custom remote control
  • Frame is made of solid wood
  • Viewing pane is clear acrylic perspex
  • 2 USB outputs to power Light My Bricks components
  • 1 Micro-USB for an external power source
  • Alternatively, power using 4x AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 700mm (w) x 340mm (h) x 50mm (d)
  • Unit weight: 3kg

NOTE: Minifigures shown in product images are NOT included

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