INTRODUCING Light My Bricks™ 2.0

The Ultimate LEGO®
Building Experience

Experience the next level of LEGO® lighting with LMB 2.0. Say goodbye to clunky setups and embrace a seamless, brilliant building experience. Designed by LEGO® fans, for LEGO® fans, LMB 2.0 transforms your creations into stunning displays. Light up your builds like never before with LMB 2.0!

Over 80% of LEGO® Fans Feel Anxious & Uncertain About Lighting

As a LEGO® fan, the thrill of assembling your sets is undeniable. But when it's time to add lights, doubts arise - from safety issues to wondering if you need special skills, not wanting to dismantle your completed sets, to the annoyance of parts that don't fit or don't last. If these issues resonate with you, know that you're not alone.

About Us

Hassle-Free LEGO® Lighting Solution

The LEGO® Game-Changer You Need!

You've poured hundreds, maybe even thousands, into your LEGO® collection, so naturally, you're seeking the best experience and top-quality products to complement it. Light My Bricks is here to be your partner in this endeavour. Our solutions are engineered specifically for LEGO® fans like you. We've confronted every challenge directly, offering high-quality lights, neatly fitting cables, and durable components designed for ease of use.

How it works

It’s easy to get started

Search on the Light My Bricks online catalogue for your LEGO® set

Choose and Order

Check out our broad range and find the right Light My Bricks lighting kit for your LEGO® set, or pick out the suitable DIY components for a custom setup.

It's easy to add Light My Bricks lights to your favourite LEGO® sets

Build and Prepare

Build your LEGO® set, ready for its transformation. Upon receiving your kit, access digital instructions through the QR code on your light kit box.

Turn on the lights and see how Light My Bricks can bring your LEGO® to life

Install and Showcase

Use our easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step images to install the lights and watch your LEGO® creation come to life!

change the way you build

Revolutionise Your LEGO® Displays!

Tired of poor lighting and complicated setups? We get it. We've designed our kits to cut through the frustration, ensuring a straightforward, reliable way to make your LEGO® shine.

Join a community of builders who've seen their LEGO® sets transformed into breathtaking displays. Our lighting solutions promise a perfect fit, outstanding quality, and the elegance your creations deserve.

With Light My Bricks, elevate your LEGO® beyond just building—make it a showcase of brilliance and passion.

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About Light My Bricks™

Bringing your LEGO® collection to life.

Watch how Light My Bricks™ lights can bring life to your favourite LEGO® sets.

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